Thursday, May 31, 2001

Well, greetings!
I found the quote early today so it's in a post all by itself, poor little thing. ^_~
Well I left it there just to prove that I'm busy today! I haven't had a moment to finish that post since I wrote the quote. In fact, I didn't really have time to do that but I found it in this thingy in my inbox that I wanted to delete. (AH, ever the English student with my accurate, concise and clear definitions....^_^)
Well today started off busy and even now, I still have work to do and in fact may remain occupied well into 4:30!
This morning started with taking filled out forms and turning them into web documents and attempting to decide on layout, which we've done now. ^_^ Then was the famous doughnut meeting! We were there for a good hour, we were going to leave early but the fella we needed to meet with was there! So, we waited for him and then brought him over here, well I did, Vikram had to do some reconnassance with this other fella there. ^_~
So, we had our meeting, took our picutres with an extremely sweet digital camera. Then, we closed, loaded them up onto the computer and I was about to leave for lunch when I started getting ICQs from Jamie. I know what you're thinking, what's he doing at home? That's what I said, turns out the poor thing's sick. I hung around and talked as long as I could before rushing off to lunch, all the while learning about the source another grad student in our office had out. Interesting, and apparently safe.....^_~
So, in my rush, an incredibly time saving, brillant idea struck me. Don't hunt for my keys in my bag, why carry them? (I have no pockets today, it's a cool pants day, I love the feel of these things! You know those khaki things that feel all nifty?) *L* So I ran off to lunch so I could be back quickly. I get there, talking all the while with another summer student, who turns out to be friends with the girl I'm living with next year! In fact, I think I met her before this, lovely girl, anyhow, we're talking and waiting in line for my food, when I realize, oops I only have a 5, I need to go to the bank machine. We leave, all happy we left before I ordered. We were late, so Jana was waiting (girl I'm living with next year) and we sat down and I hunt for my keys because they're attached to my wallet. Oh no. It's way back in the accelerator building, in my laptop case. So, I ran through the underground maze in TogoSalmon, walked through the bookstore, dashed across campus, dodging camera weilding graduates and arrive here. I ring the bell, explain myself, find my keys, and walk very quickly back, to try to stay out of grad pictures. I finally get there, get food and wolf it down. Unfortunately, by now it's taken my almost an hour. Darn those salads with massive pieces of lettuce....*L* And naturally, chicken fingers are MORE money without the fries. *sighs*
*L* Well, it's been interesting, that I can say. It may not sound exciting but I've been meeting with all sorts of people, visiting labs to take photos and meet people and see nifty equipment and hey, I already got my run in! *L* It's been a great day! And I have WORK to do, in fact, I'm off to go call and make more appointments, just let me get my datebook.......^_^

So, I shall conclude at this point. Hope everyone's had as much fun today as I have! Feel better soon Jamie!!!

Oh, and that reminds me, I discovered someone in here who also is an anime watcher! *grins* Excellent!
Life is a roller-coaster. Try to eat a light lunch.
-David Schmaltz

Wednesday, May 30, 2001

I must say, WDHS hasn't changed much, although they have these strange objects mascarading as cafeteria tables, and they are trying to cram in far too many students in that little cafeteria (though perhaps that's not overly unusual ^_^)....but boy the kids of grown and they can all still play. The bands were great and I throughly enjoyed the concert. ^_^ Greg and Melissa made an appearance, and I saw many more faces that I haven't seen in a long time. I found myself reminiscing much of the night, although I felt a little out of place in the audience, and out of uniform! We all said goodbye to one of the best music teachers I've ever met, and to some old friends too. I didn't think I'd go back actually, but how could I miss Mr. Steven's good bye concert! Unfortunately, due to complications, I was home late and missed all my phone calls. *L* Sorry!
Finally! These days are flying by, I have so much work to do! It's amazing! I can hear you all now "And yet she still finds time to blog, how DOES she do it....." *L* Well you see, it's called time management! ^_~ Really, I don't want to finish this work too quickly because I know this is it for the next week or so. Therefore, I need to strecthc it all out, so I always have something to do! *L* Though, I suppose time flying by isn't always a good thing. We should treasure every moment here, and I can hardly tell where this month went!
Well, looks like mini golf next week and hopefully Wonderland sometime after, with my fellow summer students and resident grad students! Sounds like fun!
This weekend I get to see Jamie, possibly even TWICE! Thanks Sarah!!!! ^_^ *L*
What else? Well I've finally decided on a design for my blog that I will be making myself! Excited? Well you should be! :p
Anyways, I think that's it for today, nothing too exciting. Many conversations, a few meetings and some hunting through piles of papers for someone's exam, and grilled cheese, other than that, not much!
Tomorrow's the weekly doughnut meeting though! *L* Really it's more of a social with work sometimes discussed, with free doughnuts and coffee (or hot chocolate or tea for those of us who aren't big java fans)! ^_^ Defintaly a relaxing morning.
Oh, and it's my brother's birthday today! So I'll have to run by the mall on the way home! ^_~ I haven't been able to get a ride, but I have the whole thing all planned out. *GRIN*
So, yup, that's it! And plus, one of my superiors is in here checking out the grad students....^_~
I guess I'll see all of you around, eventually! *L* Have a great day and God bless minna-san!

A man with outward courage dares to die.
A man with inward courage dares to live.
- Lao-Tzu

Tuesday, May 29, 2001

You can blame Lisa. She's gone and rekindled my almost lost love of all things ancient. But, she did give me two wonderful pictures from an old calendar, since she had the real ones. They're currently over my head in the workplace. My supervision encouraged bringing some sort of poster to brighten up this space, so now I have two! One is La Belle Dame Sans Merci. A lovely image, which you can view here! The other, I have fogotten the name, but it is from the same vein and shows a Lady knighting a man, with people in the relief. Ah, beauty.
As for today, though my workspace is now considerably nicer looking, with my lovely computer wallpaper and posters and whatnot, well, it's been interesting!
I ended up buying a little box for all my recipies next year! The sad thing was that Jana and I were excited about it! ^_~
I may end up subletting after all, why not eh? Saves me some money and I can store my stuff there. And saves Jana money too, which I'd feel bad preventing her from doing!
Also, today appears to be a clumsy day. Boy, have I even been clumsy. Or at least until after lunch, at which time my lack of coordination appeared to pass from me to those around me. Poor things. ^_^ Once I noticed the pattern, it grew worse and then I managed to regain control over myself and have been able to appear fairly normal. (^_~) There was the incident with my bags coming to work, and it was funny enough during lunch time, my bean sprout thingys were NOT cooperating. Then the lady and I and our near collision, shortly followed by my laughing with the other two for their slip up afterwards (which was because of their giggling at me ^_^) then the rail thingy trying to come WITH my jacket....Aie. *L* But it was humorous and after that, I haven't had another problem! ^_^
I've been feeling decidedly inspired, so I've been trying to take advantage of my muse while it is in a good mood, but work keeps getting in the way! ^_~
On the up side, I've found more songs to download! Just weird little diddies that get stuck in my head. *L* Often whatever pops onto the radio that Vikram has playing. ^_^
My blogs have been getting long as of late, haven't they?
The oddest thing happened to me this morning. It's a Tuesday, I was up late, and yet, I woke up this morning, feeling amazing. I was all curled up and I woke up on my own, I don't recall hearing any noise, everything felt peaceful and there was a bit of gentle muted sunlight leaking into my room I think, and I just felt great. Not just your normal wake up, but in an amazingly good mood! I remember snatches from my dreams, nothing too exciting, but interesting none the less. I even woke up before my alarm, which delighted me further at the idea of getting to snuggle under the covers for a few moments and still be up on time. (Though I got up a little late *L* I got a bit TOO comfy.....) It was amazing. I've been in a great mood all day, and I was ready early this morning. I think sleep is definately what I"ve been needing, and that healthy exercise! *L* Anyhow, I was impressed by my lovely morning! Though I think the conversation I had before falling asleep definately helped! ^_~
I'm tempted to join the Y by the way. Apparently it's nice and cheap too! ^_^
Well, I should get back to work now. *L* I'm learning all about the in depth workings of a Nuclear Reactor! And there are thousands of links to go.....*L*
Good day and God bless all!

'I met a lady in the meads,
Full beautiful—a faery's child,
Her hair was long, her foot was light, 15
And her eyes were wild.

'I made a garland for her head,
And bracelets too, and fragrant zone;
She look'd at me as she did love,
And made sweet moan. 20

'I set her on my pacing steed
And nothing else saw all day long,
For sideways would she lean, and sing
A faery's song.

-from John Keats' "Las Belle Dame sans Merci"
From: The Oxford Book of English Verse:
Arthur Quiller-Couch, ed. 1919.

Monday, May 28, 2001

Hi minna-san!
Well, looks like blogspot is back, which means you are reading this right now! ^_^ Just in time for me to get back from my little weekend trip! ^_^
I most certainly had an interesting weekend! Friday I had my first horseback riding lesson and I JUMPED! *smiles broadly* I'm happy to say the least!
Then Saturday, it was an early morning accompanied with a train ride to Pickering where I spent the day with Jamie and his family! The two of us spent part of the afternoon by the lake, it was wonderful. The wind, the mist drifting in then out, and a lovely edge (too small to seriously call a cliff!) to sit on, with our legs hanging over the edge, looking down on the tiny beach and frothing waves! That night, I went to Lisa's friend's house, and we had a good night! ^_^ Then, I stayed over with her and that afternoon we had a rousing game of minigolf with Jamie and his sister.
Now, I am SURE Jamie was cheating. No one gets a hole in one, one handed while drinking coke. I think he snuck there early, cohersed the girl behind the counter to go in on his little plan and put magnets in all the holes and his ball. I think mine had a similar charge as the one in the hole. So did Laura's! That would explain why ours just kept skipping over it, or away from it. *Grins* He's a horrible cheat, I know! Perhaps minigolf and pool have a closer relation than I thought.....
Fried Green Tomatoes IS a good movie!!! I loved it! ^_^
The Emperor's New Groove, well, I wasn't expecting much and was only mildly amused for a while, but then, it just seems to be funny. I don't know how they managed to pull off the whole cheesy funny bit, but they did it and fairly well at that!
All in all, a pleasant weekend, with nice weather to boot! I was impressed! ^_^
I missed my friend's performance Saturday, but I'm told it was amazing! I'll have to catch the next one!
I also missed visiting the campsite, sorry! I got a little distracted and forgot. We had the car too! But Jamie brought that movie with him, we hadn't gotten a chance to watch it as originally intended so we watched it when he drove me home! ^_^
Nothing overly funny to report this weekend, except for the odd debate on the pronuciation of Uranus. I ended up on one side with this one fella I'd never met, versus everyone else there, oops...........*L* Or how I've learnt that that the answer to every question about a Canadian Ace in the Canadian (Genus) Version of Trivial Pursuit is Billy Bishop! *L* Or the discussion about scary things everyone has in their rooms, and the eventual conclusion that if it's scary, we really ought to move it, yet few ever do....odd.
So, over all the funny incidents, like Jamie having to fight to keep his pants on (Don't ask, I didn't watch.) although humorous, don't really do well in the retelling process, as you may have noticed! ^_~ So I shall end this here!
This morning, I got to work on time, barely, fought to remain attentive at the wheel and manage to leave my keys along with my money which was for the majority of my lunch at home. It's a great start to the week! *L*
Have a good one everyone!

Duct tape is like the force. It has a light side & a dark side, and it holds the universe together.

Friday, May 25, 2001

Oh and I've discovered the cure for sore legs, run more *laughs*. Hopefully I won't slide off the horse tonight!!! *Grins*
Good day everyone! I think blogspot is still down, but I couldn't deprive you of my postings entirely, especially if I'm to be away this weekend!
I am eagerly anticipating riding tonight, in fact, I'm feeling downright cavalier! ^_~
As for work, we may actually be getting somewhere, slowly, but still, we're moving and that's a start!
I've been lucky enough to run into countless old friends these days, and it's great to hear everyone's doing so well! ^_^
I'm dying for my G2.
My Aunt is up from New Brunswick still! Only until tomorrow though, but it was great to see her!
I've been running, quite a bit! The beauty of running is the more I do it, the more I want to do it, but this whole going out at 10:30 habit needs to be nipped. But I get this sudden, surprising burst of energy at that time and I'd go batty if I didn't go exhaust it, or try to anyhow. *L* I'm shocked at how quickly you improve. And it was raining lightly. It was so pleasant. I actually could have done with a bit more rain, then it would have been perfect! *hehe*
Mmm, it's grey and raining today. I don't know why, but I love this weather! Perhaps it all comes from childhood memories, rainy days were always fun, but that matters little. ^_^
Anyhow, I may have actual work to do, so I probably ought to get started. ^_^ I'm going slow through it all though, I was here early and will be here late, so I'm trying to stretch the day out. *L*
Hope everyone's having fun and enjoying their summer!
Have fun & God bless, and I hope to see ya'll soon!

Chaos, panic, work here is done!

Thursday, May 24, 2001

Well, believe it or not, I was actually too busy to post on here yesterday!!! I had WORK to do! Research at that! I'm actually pretty resourceful it turns out, too bad I didn't use that to my advantage in History last term.......... ^_~ And, being so resourceful, and uneager to do the other options for work, I have come up with things that I can do for my site! ^_^ Hopefully I can surprise my supervisors with my progress at a later date.
Well, looks like I'm going into History or Classics next year! Funny huh? But either program gives me the room I need to get into what I REALLY want! ^_^ I think I'll give Multimedia another shot. It can only get better and after talking to someone dating an upper year in the program I found out that they really DO get to do what I am looking to do! So, hey, if I don't change my mind, it'll be nice to fall back on! ^_^
I went running again last night :) If you ever start running, don't do it unless you don't mind getting sudden, deep urges to run. All the energy and passion and anything else in there suddenly bubbles up and demands a release! But boy does it feel good! And hey, 10:30 at night is perfect *L* the air is crisp, the stars are bright and the roads are clear. Bailey loves me for it, I take him with me while I cool down. I have to be careful, one of these days, running with my eyes on the stars will get me into trouble. ^_^
It's amazing how quickly your stamina improves though! I run further every time I go, and I must say, I don't mind developing the leg muscles either! Should help me with riding, which by the way, I'm still recovering from!! It's been a while since I had a good ride. There is no feeling quite as awkward as having the muscles on the inside of you legs aching and stiff. Sitting for long periods of time and then attempting to rush somewhere............:) But don't worry, I had a good run and lots of stretching and I'm feeling pretty normal again. *L* Just in time to go riding tomorrow!!!
That's right! Lessons are on Fridays now! :) YAY! And this weekend appears to be being spent visiting Jamie ^_~ and then I'm heading over to Lisa's, so unfortunately, I won't be around to here my friends band play.
Any of you that are around should head over to Polo's in Hess Village to hear them play though! I hear they're good!
ANOTHER friend appears to be married, in fact, she tried to send me pictures of her new house! Wow. I have a sudden feeling I'm not in Kansas anymore.
Funny how things can change your perspective. First year seemed like a big enough shift, but really, now, things are really changing, and I'm under the impression that it's time to grow up. The whole world is changing, and I'm going to have to change with it. Though this is exciting and exhilarating, in a way, it's sad. I saw my little brother out back the other day, and it's amazing. Somewhere inside, I long for the time when afternoons could be filled with Dandylions. But, somewhere else is clamouring for the chance to truly run my own life, be independent and love every second of it. *L* Hopefully that side will be stronger when the first side starts to miss Mummy. ^_^
Next year has lots of promise. I'm looking forward to it, but I think I'll savour my last few months of having a built in safety net, and lack of monetary concerns. I'll certainly miss them!
Anyhow, back to the grindstone! *L* ^_^
Have fun & God bless ya'll!

If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?
(Wow, this was a long post huh? *L* And to think, Blog*Spot isn't working yet *L*)

Tuesday, May 22, 2001

"To hell with the plan" (Headboard - Things Could be Better). That seems to be todays theme, though I'm not sure why. Meh, web stuff does tend to be like that, but, all we HAD was a plan.....*grins* Don't worry, today I was supposed to do REAL work, I was excited and amazed. Now, it more apparent that it takes a while to be able to do this alleged real work because we have 3 people to consult now, on our every move, with entirely different thoughts on the idea. Though I agree, this will be very beneficial in the end, the trick is, we need to get started so we have something to show everyone. Then their input will be appreciated even more. ^_^ I love this job. I could organize and compile web information forever. Collect, organize, output, discuss. Always planning, thinking, envisioning, what's not to love? *Grins* And there's an end product out there on the web for the world to view. I wonder what kind of credentials I need to do this for a job...............being paid to have fun, that's an interesting concept!
Looks like I have one more person to visit and consult on campus now about my future here. Some form of dual major or comblined honors (or however these programs do it!) is looking very appealing. ^_^
Wow, what an eventful weekend! It was fun, but I'm glad it's over! And, I have WORK to do today! Aren't we all in shock? *Grins*
Well, I'm busy enough, that I'm going to end this here! *grins* Have a great day ya'll!

Sunday, May 20, 2001

Well, things got interesting after that post last night. This morning as well. I am going desk shopping today, so I'll be beginning to move into my new place very soon. Interesting though, eh? I'll be on my own soon. ^_^
I had a wonderful run last night though! Starting running may have been dangerous. Now I have to go. I get an urge to just take off and I have to go. I ran furthur than usual, harder too. And boy did I feel good. Bailey was so sad that I went without him, I walked him around the survey afterwards. I'm going to miss being able to do that. Taking off after 10:30 and going out by myself and walking Bailey. This place is quite safe. I know most of the people, so I can go to anyone's house should I need to, but honestly, what's going to happen here? It was a big deal when someone broke into a few cars and stole stuff from on the dashes. *L* The city's just a teeny bit different. I'll have to find myself a more dependable running partner, eh? But there's something about being by yourself...
Tonight is the fair and fireworks. That should be good. I plan on buying film, as stated before. Char hasn't been able to see my warning, since her computer crashed again, poor thing. ^_~
So, we've established that I'm in control of my life now. That's great, it's like stopping a mutiny at sea, and you start to steer back on course, only to realize you're so far off course, you don't know if you can get back.
Life is full of surprises, and is actually quite wonderful though, even if you're lost at sea. ^_^

Saturday, May 19, 2001

I went to see Shrek tonight! I recommed it to anyone looking for a pleasant movie. Well done. ^_^
Wow, I'm shocked how many people took summer school. I guess no one wanted to go home. *L*
Wow, things are great. I haven't felt this good in a while. Still can't wait for Monday! It's been soooo long since I did any jumping, I can hardly wait. (Stop being sick, think HORSEback riding. Yeesh ^_~ )
Wonderful. That's what life is. Amazingly beautiful and wonderful. ^_^
(Wow, look at this, I've been using periods for a few days, worried yet? I hardly use exclamation marks!!! ^_~ )
Oh, and fair warning to those who will be at the fireworks, I intend to bring a camera. ^_~ Duck and cover Char! *hehe*
Well! I scrubbed the porch! The walls and boards are all now dirt and mold free, all set for repainting and all it cost me was the skin on my thumb! *L*
Got some sun today, enjoyed the new hammock. Enjoyed the candy Mum brough home, EVIL those new hershey Bites thingys, Iate too many.......haven't had any candy, or chocolate in a long time. I think I over did it......
Going to see Shrek tonight! I'm going with family, it'll be nice to see more of them for the next little while before I stop seeing much of them for 8 months!
Oh, I saw the Secret of my Success (was that the name?), anyhow the one with Michael J Fox in it, it's old, but it was a pleasant way to unwind after all that hard work this morning. *L*
Anyhow, I'm off to get prepared for my outing.
1 day down, 1 left before I get to go riding!
Well, greetings! This weekend has some promise after all! I plan on getting my parking down pat tonight so I can go for my liscense next week, and we are expecting a fail. :) No lessons or anything, and the driving instructors where I'm going are said to be brutal. So, cross your fingers, toes and wish me luck! Maybe I can return the favor and drive ya'll around now :) *LOL*
So, I'll be riding on Monday, I can hardly wait! Sounds like this pretty buckskin! ^_^ Sorry, horse talk.........
Ever feel like you were spinning out of control? *grins* It's so satisfying to suddenly stop and realize you're in total control, grab a hold of life and start making it happen the way you wanted to. It's amazing really. Funny what it takes to get you there though. You can only go up from here right? *grins* So, when things go wrong enough, it gives you a new perspective. Perhaps next year really will be okay.
I plan on riding enough to eventually get my instructors certificate, whatever that takes. I plan on getting onto the show circuit again this summer and hopefully changing barns will help me do that.
But, that means more weekends at home. But since I won't be able to see Jamie anyhow, perhaps it'll work out.
For the first time in a long time, I feel like myself again. It's unfortunate it took crashing this hard for me to finally get what was wrong, but I do get it, and I can deal with this. I know I have to get school on track first and formost. Then I have to start actually looking after myself. Sleep IS my friend. *L* Then I can help friends, then comes everything else.
I feel good again though. I have my fire back. I have energy, and willpower. I care. For the first time in a long time life makes sense. Somehow. That's amazing, to make sense out of this mess! ^_^ I really can do this by myself, I don't have to depend on others, that's nice too. I hated that. (And I don't use that word lightly ^_^)
So, all in all, life just might make sense soon. It'll take a few months to fix everything, but I have to fix it first. I owe myself that much. Hopefully, everyone will understand. I have to. That's the only time I'll feel better.
I have a lot of appointments at school over the next week, possibly some summer school, which may leave me stuck here if I do get a job elsewhere, but ya know what, I don't need the lectures, what I need is the readings. I can do that. ^_^ I can get notes from other people who already took the courses, whatever it takes. :)

Well, looks like it's the fireworks and fair on Sunday. I'm happy to be going, though that is NOT why I cancelled my weekend plans. But, I'll enjoy myself. I always do. That's what life is about after all. It's a shame to waste it being upset, so I plan on having some fun in the circumstances. I'm sorry.

I'm at a loss with what to do in some areas, but I'll figure it out eventually I'm sure. I hope to catch a movie tonight, if I can hunt down someone to go with. *L*

Anyhow, I'm off to clean out the patio. JA!

"Hindsight, I thought, was like a punishment, remorseless in its clarity
and painfully unable to change what had gone before."
- Emily in Susanna Kerasley's "The Splendour Falls"
Hey guys, here's some New Year's Photos! Keep in mind Char sneaks around with her camera taking EVIL pictures of other people saying Happy New Year's to each other. *grins* But, despite the horrible pictures of me, there are a few good ones in there! ^_^ And hey, since I don't have my own posted, how can I complain?
So, I'll post them anyways! Don't worry I'll have a page of my own up soon, but I thought hers was worth promoting! ^_^
So here's how I spent my New Years! ^_^

Friday, May 18, 2001

Well, in case you all were wondering, I am home, all weekend. I'm home early from work. Even less to do here. *L* Though, I managed to clean up half my room. I forgot it could look that neat. I threw out so much junk, there's SPACE. Novel concept.
Oh and that decision, nothing worked out, aren't we all proud. ^_^ Should be a great weekend. *L*
Ya know, it seemed like a miserable decision to make, but really I think I have it all worked out. It's just that either way, someone I care about gets hurt.
Well I have this to say, I have amazing friends. I know only one of you REALLY reads this web blog ( ^_~ ) but I want to thank all of you. Four in particular. The one who called me and who realized that I wasn't exactly in any shape to talk, the two amazing people online, I miss you both and hope we see each other soon, and the one who wrote back. Not many people can give me advice right now and it was just amazing to realize that I really wasn't alone. I love ya'll! ^_^ (In an utterly platonic sense.)
I may not be here this weekend after all though. Another excruciatingly long hideous story. I hope to see all of you soon!

Thursday, May 17, 2001

Darn. (imagine that only just a little more "expressive".)
I love people.
If I'm just your standard Canadian:
Gordie McSaunderschuk, Unless I'm French, in which case Denis La Saunderseau or Russian ^_^ Czar Saundersov !
Want to find out YOUR Hockey name? Click here! Maxim is great. ^_^

BTW here's how the comments work, click on the "discuss" at the bottom of this blog, and there you are! A nifty box pops up! Comment away!

Yesterday is just a memory.
Tomorrow we may never see.
There's beauty all around us,
life can be so pleasant.
Today is like a gift,
that's why they call it the present!
Look guys! BlogVoices! In other words, you can now post comments on my page :) I'm finally starting to get around to fixing all this, now just to either get this template working or find or make my "perfect" one. ^_~

It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.
I just noticed, no archive link.........I'll have to figure out how to add one now..........
Well, for once it rained and I didn't get drenched. Darn work. ^_~ Fortunately, there are people online for me to chat at! WOW Almost 2 O'clock, going home fairly soon! :) Gotta get packed for Friday! Yay travelling for over 4 hours! But I love travelling, so *smiles* bring it on!
Well, guess what! I'm not connected to the internet. ^_^ Well, my computer is having difficulties, just a minor technical problem which should be worked out shortly. One major thing I've relearnt about the business world is how long it takes for things to go through the "chain of command". It's been easier to do things myself. ^_^
Things are good on this end! I go to the cottage on the weekend! I hope it's not as rainy as it's predicted!
Things are good with Jamie, surprsingly enough. ^_~ Thanks hon.

What else you ask? Well, I finally got a hold of the wonderful stable where I hope to be riding shortly, I've been trying to get a hold of them for a while and I've finally done it! Hopefully I'll be in the saddle again soon!! I can hardly wait! I'm excited just thinking about it! I even found a wonderful horse magazine with the best advice in it. Storm and I could have used that exercise! *L* Ah well, I'm sure it'll come in handy in the future, and yes that's how I spent my morning. In the campus bookstore reading magazines. I even looked through "this year in pictures"! :) Interesting, but oh look, all better! I have to switch computers now. I'll be back though, have no fear! ^_^

Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Well, as it turns out, I kept myself quite busy today and didn't get everything here fixed, or even looked at. ^_^ I had some bigger problems to master. So, here I am, at home, no didn't hunt down anything to do as of yet, but give me time. My running date is a no go, but I think I'm going anyhow. I need to get out! Bailey could use a walk too, eh? ^_^
Well, that's it for now, shocked? You should be!
Have a great day guys!
Well, here I am, ready for another day of "work". *grins* In other words, I've decided that it's time I reclaimed my computer geek title. I'm honing my skills, or attempting to, and I just may be getting the hang of this whole computer art work thing. Nothing fancy, but we all have to start somewhere. Problem is I have no idea what programs to use or access to most of them so I'll play with Adobe Photoshop for now. :) And perhaps get the hang of Flash. I sort of have it, but I'll give it another shot. :) Might as well learn something here at work! *smiles*
I get to run tonight, part of my exercise routine. Yes, I scare myself. :)
Going out. I have no idea what to do. Apparently though I'm going to a cottage this weekend, much to my own shock, it appears I can pull it off with relatively little problems, though I'll be inconviencing some people I'm sure. I have to leave from work and take at least a two hour train ride to get to Jamie's before hopping in the car and making another 2 hour (well more) trip. *smiles* And I'm missing the FAIR and the fireworks to go, but something tells me a weekend at the cottage is worth it. ^_^ Who would have thought I'd be going though. *shurgs* It's amazing how much freedom one has, and doesn't even realize it. ^_^
Well, I'm going to add these comment thingys soon, I just have to finish figuring them out. And I'm working on some sort of picture for the top of this table and hopefully I'll get rid of the double banner and the too wide table today too. As well, I think I found some work to do! YAY! Impressed yet?
I've decided to be proactive. No more waiting for emails, I'm going to send my own to the parties and then have them edit what I suggest rather than wait for instructions. I'm not sure they realize they're paying me to play on the web again. *smiles* Ah well.
Oh and just to demonstrate my boredom, I broke a lightbulb. Now I have something to fix! *L* Seriously, this really teetery lamp is RIGHT behind me. When I went to leave, I picked up my bag from the floor, careful not to hit the lamp I swung it over my shoulder, only to discover, Lo! The strap at the bottom had been just in contact with the tall teetery lamp. Needless to say, SMASH, and I startled a few grad students! But, I got to go into the workroom by the accelerator to find the dustpan! *GRINS* That was kinda neat. Nice big warning signs everywhere, but it's okay, I was on the "safe" side. And besides, it's only not safe when it's running......:)

Well, time to restart my computer! I need the harddrive to give my partner in crime here my files. Adios!

No one is listening until you make a mistake.

Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Well, I'd have to say this day gets more interesting, though I really think I need a healthy does of going out and doing something extremely fun and hassle free. Hence the calling for my liscence. They're only letting me sign up for the NEXT available date, which is tomorrow morning. Darn. Well, I'll MAKE some parallel parking time magically appear tomorrow, or Thursday since my running date's tomorrow. :) Then, next week. If I don't have it, I give you ALL permission to come here and kick me. :)
As for life, well, that's interesting in itself. ^_^
Well, here I sit, after two weeks of turning down fairly frequent offers to go out and have fun, because I needed time to recoperate from my year of going to classes, studying, partying, hanging out, and well, everything but sleeping! :)
Now, I'm wondering if I shouldn't have just reset the date. My paintball plans appear to have fallen through as well. Darn. I should just plan everything. *L*

My Aunt's up, that should prove interesting! I'm on an insane health kick. Yup, daily exercise, weekly trail runs and a diet that includes things that are GOOD for me. *L* What a novel concept! It's all so yummy I just didn't have time to make it! (I sense a pattern, no time to eat, sleep, and I wondered how I managed to get so run down! And to think, they're letting me live alone next year! *L*) Well, the results are good so far. :) We'll have to wait and see how it goes. :) Hopefully it'll hold out over the school year!

Oh, and I officially have a place! A basement place with a friend, it should be interesting! We'll see how it all works out. We're still figuring out who gets the bigger bedroom! *L*
So, today, I might as well post on it, eh? Well, currently, I'm waiting for work to end, as you see on the right. ^_^ Today was remotely interesting. I woke up, and instead of hitting sleep (a nasty new habit) I turned off the alarm. I was quite comfortable when Mum informed I had to get up. I was not feeling very awake, as I am accustomed to my 10 minutes extra lay around time now. But, then I remembered my meeting. My little brother missed his bus and was just jumping in the shower. My first though, Yay, more sleep, but as I began to nestle into the covers, the meeting sprang to mind. At 9. I jumped out of bed and, er, polietly reminded him to hurry, several times throughout the morning.
Well, Mum forgot Jay was in the back, he was that quiet, how odd! Anyhow, we drove straight to work. That made me happy, I got to my meeting early even! Apparently on time is early in University speak, or rather, on time is 15 minutes late. :) I even skipped coming to my office first. I had the computer and a backpack. OH well. :) At least I was dressed right, yes that's right, I wore a skirt. *L* A nice new one at that. :)
So, I made it early, got to talk to a few people as a result, which is good since I have to harass these people so they give me content so I can do work. *smiles*
From that time until lunch, I fooled around online, caught up on my friends pages, refreshed my work email numerous times.....
Then I started hunting down suitable blogger templates. And have been working on this since. And typing at people, of course. Ivo, Jamie and Mrs. Cloth to be specific. :)
Oh, and of course, today, as I look over peoples pages, I'm suddenly overwhelmed with the urge to go out and have fun. Yes. My week or more of solitutde is now at a close. I'm feeling well rested and hence, ready to socalize again! And that probably won't stop until summer time next year. *L*
Well, YES home time. I'm gone! >^_^< Meow!

Work hard. Play harder.
So Sanjay, if you stop by and have any suggestions on how to get this table to behave......^_^ Feel free to message me. :)
Or if you can suggest a place that will actually allow me to upload my images, again I would be grateful. :)
Well, I haven't gotten all the bugs ironed out yet, but I eventually found a new template!! Approve? Well, I do! ^_^ Anyhow, I hope to have this fixed up soon.
Hi Jamie ^_^

Wednesday, May 09, 2001

Have you ever wondered if you did something just one more time, that you might possibly go insane? Or, insanely talkative at least? That's usually a good time to go for a break, but it was not that long ago I had lunch, so I do not wish to leave the office. And the other student is now on their lunchbreak. So that rules out discussing the site, though I am under the impression that he is as in need of a break as myself. At least his topic was actually online. *smiles* As I slowly attempt to gut the Internet in search of my precious piece of information, the same message pops back into my face, "Physics and Astronomy". Useless. I need to know about Medical and Health Physicists. That helps me not. Unfortunately, though they publish many many, countless pieces of information, few have been even remotely relevant. Every time I come close, I am shot down again. It must DIRECTLY pertain to my topic. There's no going around it. There has to be something, somewhere. Unfortunately, this field has not been popular for long I take it and, as a result, there is little on it statistically. There are a few little primary things but nothing of any substance.
Why didn't I take a farm job? I am denied the ability to do what I believed I was hired to do and am instead working on another project. But I can't leave my baby for someone ELSE to finish. It's mine! I will finish it. All I need is a blasted internet connection which CIS (computer services) is denying me for the moment. Though I'm under the impression there is something technical that is a problem. That's okay, eventually I'll run into the right person and inquire. That would be a relief. I want to get this site published, so I have something to show for all my work!! I simply need to take the digital camera, run around, and put up a few links. True, this other stuff will be linked to from my site, but alas, I must do this first. But, I am helping someone else with their site, and I'm being paid to search the Internet for what feels like a lost cause. But fear not, I will prevail! I will find these accursed facts and put them into the low level page that they desire. Then, then I will work on my baby. And it will turn out wonderfully. ^_^
What I think I need, truly, is a good run in the woods. But I have another 5 or so hours until then. Once off work you see, I must go sign my lease now that all the bugs are worked out. That should take but a moment. Then home to the trails!!! *delighted smiles*

Perhaps running wasn't the best choice of exercise. You begin to crave it, how odd. I never suspected I would! But trails are so much different than cement and traffic. Trails are peacful and glorious. And you truly compete with yourself there. You can set interesting challenges, take a walk break, or a jog and admire the scenery. It's wonderful. The only problem is the guilt I feel for not bringing Bailey. I'll probably go get him for my cool out or something along those lines........

Well, I hope you've enjoying this momentary insight into my mind at the moment. It's an even stranger place than usual I fear. I am dying for want of some form of stimulation.

But I WILL prevail. Come back you cowardly detail! I will find you and put you on a web site. Resistance is futile.

JA! ^_^

(No, I have not gone insane, yet. Thank you for reading my random babblings ^_^ I hope they were at least remotely entertaining!)

The splendour falls on castle walls
And snowy summits old in story:
The long light shakes across the lakes,
And the wild cataract leaps in glory.
Blow, bugle, blow, set the wild echoes flying,
Blow ,bugle; answer, echoes, dying, dying, dying.
- from Tennyson's The Princess
Well, just a quick note from work, as I endlessly scour the internet for relevant, interesting information for work! *laughs* I finally had some luck last night and this morning, I'm tempted to leave it here for now. ^_^ So,anyhow, I stumbled across this quote in my travels! It was on a career site of all places >^_^< and I found it noteworthy! I hope you enjoy! Hope you're having a great summer Sanjay! *L*
I think I'm going to see "A Knight's Tale" this weekend! I hope it's playing nearby!! Movies come out pretty quickly around here! Should be fun! And I have someone coming up to visit me on Saturday!! That should be great!
Oh and I've taken up running again, *smiles* seems to be a summer trend, but I found a much nicer place to go now, which makes it sooo much fun! It's scary, but I"m actually excited about going tonight!!! ^_^
I'll be signing my lease tonight so I will officially have a place to live next year! How exciting! ^_~
Well, I even managed to go through some of my inbox so I can reply to all that mail!! *L* Working on the computer all day makes me less inclined to fight my brother for the one in my room. But don't you worry! I'll get it tonight! I've got to burn my cd (FINALLY) anyhow!!! *smiles*
Talk to ya'll soon! ^_^ Have a great day!!! And I miss all of you!!! Funny, I'm busy enough that I don't see people very often and it's so strange after practically living with some of you guys last year! I'm not really exaggerating, I saw them that much! *laughs* Ah well, I'm sure next year it will feel even more like that!
One last note, I think I can make potroast now, so cooking next year might be a little more interesting! I'm surpised at the things I can make and bake!!! ^_^
Have fun and God bless everyone!!! ^_^

"Why not go out on a limb, isn't that where the fruit is?" - Frank Scully

Thursday, May 03, 2001

Hey guys! It's late so I should be in bed, working bright and early, naturally! But anyhow, I thought I oughtn't mislead you, in case any of you were getting excited. ^_~ I'm not single. :) Things are great. *laughs* Long story. I hope everyone has a great night, and has fun at work!!! I'm not even sure where everyone is yet, but I'm sure I'll find out eventually! *smiles* Now it's off to bed for me!! (Scared, or impressed yet? *Grins* I know, me in bed, around midnight! Who knew! I've decided that sleep is good. A sensible decision I think. ^_^ )
Anyhow, good night all! God bless!

"Never miss a good chance to shut up."

Wednesday, May 02, 2001

Well, it's been an eventful time period, and will continue to be. I have a job, in a radioactive laboratory at that. :) Sounds cool eh? You'd never know I'm just on the computer. *L* Yup, rehired at school. :) For now anyhow.
Storm was sold. He's gone. I got woken up one morning to find out he'd been sold. But, he's gone to a good place.
Three birthdays in the next few days, yet I'm broke and I'm not on the payroll yet at work, long story there too. They haven't taken my bank info yet, and I have a feeling it may be a while. Ah well, it's the thought that counts, right? :)
I got to see a movie last night though! :) Bridget Jone's Diary. It was interesting. :)
I've designed some pretty spiffy anime in my spare time! ^_^
Well, things are interesting here as always! I did go shopping, got some stuff. Found out another friend is working at school, the girl I"m living with next year actually, so yay, I have a lunch buddy! Such nice weather, eating under the willows on the green is great! Anyhow, off I go, I'll see if I can get a movie :)
It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.

Nifty huh? I got a bunch of funny quotes for the next little while :) Enjoy!