Tuesday, July 31, 2001

This came to mind this weekend and I just dug it up.

Here's to everyone out on Saturday night:

You can't look dignified when you're having fun
-Wes Janson
Sanjay, in response to your comment: :p

No one's forcing you to read it all dear. Besides, I didn't babble on that much for your benefit. It's okay, I won't be offended if you don't read about my weekend. :)

Anyways, that taken care of. I finally dug up more good music today, with some help. (: Some people have good taste in music, and can point me in the right direction. :)

Today....nothing too exciting. Going to the gym, solo, but then again, I love it there. Apparently, I'm a little too energetic to keep up with sometimes. And crazy for thinking that the gym's relaxing. :)

My gym buddy's had complications with her teeth removal, including an emergency room trip. Yikes. I hope she gets well soon! And to think, she's apologizing for not coming!!! What a sweetie! She should just rest. The exercise would probably just make things worse.

I get to go shopping tonight apparently. That's good, I need new jeans, pretty badly at that. Anyhow....*L*

I'm so lucky I'm here. Though my complaints about working may have begun last week, I went for a walk today with other frustrated workers. We went back into the woods for a few minutes. There's a lovely trail just off the campus. There's very few things that make you feel as quiet and still inside as nature, and yet so energized. It was beautiful. The greens and browns, and the water. I couldn't have asked for more. Beautiful plants and trees back there. Did I mention that I love the woods?

Oh, and has anyone noticed the sky the last few nights? Now that's breathtaking.

But, here's a question. Which planets are really visible this time of year? I think I came across the name one day of the really bright one in the sky, but I can't recall and it's driving me crazy! I'll have to look it up again, unless anyone can offer me an answer.....? It's not far from the moon in the sky, the one I'm talking about......as if that helps right? Well it's really bright so I'd have to say if you knew which planets were really visible this time of year, you'd know what I was talking about. ^_^

My poor purple finger isn't very happy with all my attempts to use it. You use that finger more often than you think! Even using the ring finger......yeesh. I always seem to manage to have some sort of interesting (or not) injury eh? Well, at least it's a duller purple today. It just looks dirty or something.....*L*

Well, I'm off have a great night everyone!

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.
-Abraham Lincoln

Monday, July 30, 2001

What a weekend.

I don't think we could have possibly crammed more amazing times into one weekend, or had more kinds of fun all in a few days. Impressive to say the least!

Well, first off, plans didn't go as we intended, in fact, just about everything worked out to not be quite what or when we intended, but that turned out to be the best.

Friday, there was confusion with riding. My instructor had left a message, and she wouldn't be there, but my brother took the message and told me most of it, but he could remember a few details, and thought he'd saved it. Well, it ended up having been accidenetally deleted. There was no lesson, but I could ride or something, which sounds a little contradictory, so I called back, left a message and was hoping someone could clarify. I haven't heard back yet, but it's okay, I thought Jamie'd get bored waiting for me to ride anyhow. :) And I'll get to jump this weekend!

So, we helped out with dinner dishes and ate and talked, the usual, then hurried over to Jana's to meet everyone for the drive in. We ended up chatting for a bit, which was probably a bad idea. We realized we were behind in time and so hurried off. We realized after we started, we perhaps should have been more clear as to the driving arrangements, since there were 3 cars of us going. One turned off, to the bank, another was behind me, so I went slow, signaled and followed the first. They took too long. :) We all knew where we were going so I decided to continue, not seeing the third car and figuring they'd kept driving. So we take off. Eventually Tony caught up with me, I was going slow, I had the TV in the back, or so I learned as I turned sharply out of my survey. Ah well, it's on it's way to the repair shop anyhow ^_~ and besides, people should warn me about these things!

So, off we go. I managed to beat Tony off the lights. I'm quite proud. I beat Tony. ^_^ I love the Durango. (WITH a TV so I had to speed up slowly at first! Well, slower than I would have.....^_^) Don't worry, we only sped up 'till we hit the speed limit :) So we get to the drive-in, it's just about to start, but it's full.

Well, Jamie runs back talks to Tony, we get it all worked out. We get up there, get all turned around, Wait, no Jana and Brett. We leave the drive in and go up the street and watch, maybe they were further behind. AH well, no sign, we take off. We all head back to her place and find them there already. They cheated and went another way, and turned around instead of hitting the line I guess, so we go rent movies instead. This is great until we get downstairs and Jana remembers her VCR was stolen......:) Tony goes and borrows his, and all is well. Only the movie was TERRIBLE. Some of us had seen nearly every movie there, except a few, and one was that crazy one about the motion sick girl who's a chef, Woman On Top. Ya, sounds bad, and it is. But not like you expect. No, it's not what everyone thinks when Jana and I tell them to never watch this movie, it's just an average movie in THAT respect, except it's CHEEZY and odd, and well, I can't believe we called what was going to happen. Yikes. Unless you want to see a really really weird movie that you can't believe was ever in theaters........don't watch it. :) Unless you don't plan on watching ^_~ . To give you an idea, the Sea god is a crucial part of the movie, as is the painting of her (with moving fish.), as is a new TV show about the girl. So we laughed and cringed our way through it. Joking and predicting the whole way.

Then instead of watching Almost Famous, our second choice, we decide, enough horrible movies (though I hear that one was decent *L*). Time to go. So, we go to the park. No I'm not sure about the logic, but it was great! We went on swings and slides, and strolled along the water. What more could you ask for? What a lovely night. The stars would have been unbelievable....if we hadn't been in the city. ^_~ But, none the less, I really enjoyed being by the water again. That reminds me, I'll be going back to Port soon......but I'll get to that later.

So there's Friday night. We were up extrodinarily late, but had a great time doing it. (Keep in mind we tried to be at the drive in around 9:30 and were a bit late, though it'll be 9 next time!)

Saturday, Jamie calls EARLY to tell me he's heading over from Jana's. She was really really nice and let Jamie stay at her place! ^_^ YAY JANA! Anyhow.....

We headed over to the mall so Jamie could return something. Found him a shirt and talked to a few old friends, that was fun! We were going to hit a movie, but we were both TIRED and we were supposed to hit the lake with Jana and Brett but we called and they weren't there (it was a bit late when we found a pay phone, after we'd left the mall....) so, we changed our mind, headed to the park, grabbed a blanket and sat under a tree in the shade for a while. I'd have to say that was one of my favorite parts. I think I dozed off for a bit, but boy was it amazing! What a great way to spend an afternoon! *GRIN* Besides, we needed energy for dancing! I was so relaxed! We got back home just in time to catch my family on their way out to dinner, so we went with them to drop the boys off at the skate park and then we all went for a pleasant dinner. And they had SPRUCE MEADOWS on the TV right across from me!!!!!!!!! Horse Jumping, international level, in Canada! I tried not to be distracted tooo much, but Dad and I were talking about it.....I don't think it's really Jamie's thing. :) So I talked to him too. (:

Then, we went back home to get cleaned up. I was driving, we took the van, this is before the nail in my tire was fixed, but we went, found Jana and Brett in the bar easily enough, at the pool tables. Jamie and Brett did really well, stayed in for 3 or 4 games, but the girl racked almost all the balls on the last one, Jamie'd started on his bear and had one bad shot, which was all it took to lose the game. :) Though, through this we found out that I managed to get really cheap drinks. I was nice and picked up a beer for someone when I went to get a coke. ^_~ I didn't have to pay full price. Gotta love guy bartenders. Apparently, the girls made better drinks though. *shurgs* So I bought people's drinks most of the night. ^_^ Dancing was fun, we'll leave it at that. Some guys have the oddest pick up strategies though. *sighs* Jana did well, and I was with Jamie most of the night so we avoided anything uncomfortable, well almost. :) I've also decided that Jamie and Jana are _horrible_ influences. So, we'll sum it up to say I had a fun night. And I got to see an old high school buddy there too! He's so funny! ^_^

On the way home, I had to fill up the tire with air. It was doing really well, not deflating much, but it's patched now, don't worry.

We all went back to Jana's and had a nice relaxing evening, but Jamie was having a hard time, his allergies hit him hard, so we had to put him to bed after some medicine and hot cloths etc......

Got home late, again. :) But this time, I felt great when I finally woke up. I was called out of bed about an hour before I "woke up". I was very groggy at Lunch. It was only 11! *L* Eventually I went and picked up Jamie, we hung out with Jana and I had a popsicle on the deck with her while waiting for him, then we went back to my place.

We ended up working around the backyard, and it was surprisingly fun. I had a great time working with him. We even got some swimming in and finally saw Final Fantasy that night. We were out a bit late, but that's okay. It was great seeing him again. I miss him when he's not around. Even though he can be a geek, he's my favorite geek. ^_~

It was a most amazing weekend. Though it doesn't sound like much. ^_^ I haven't felt better in a long time either. Not to shabby. ^_^

It's almost the last month of summer before school. Can you believe it? I can hardly wait. So many changes, but I'm definately ready for them now. Hopefully my cooking skills will develop quickly and I won't fall back into a slacker lifestyle. Hopefully. But a little now and then isn't bad.....^_~ I think I've got the exact right amount of work and slacking worked out for this summer, we'll see if I can carry it over. ^_^

Oh right, as for the moving thing, we've got an offer in on a house. We'll see how it goes. I might be up soon for the signing. (They'll have both cars up there, so why not go for a few days, rather than sit at home? ^_^) But, I'm up on the long weekend Monday almost for sure! ^_^ I need a good day at the beach......I hope it's nice out! And I hope everyone can still go!!!!

Oh and as for the song, it's one I heard on the radio on the way into work, and it's been stuck in my head all day! It's a good song. Sad, but good.

Well, this has been extrodinarily long. I'm not sure where all this came from, I guess I'm getting more talkative again. ^_^

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend too! I need to catch up on my sleep! 4 hours for 2 days wasn't bad, but I think I'd better keep sleeping regular. ^_^

Enjoy the rest of your summer!!!!!!

Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo,
but what you want is someone who will take
the bus with you when the limo breaks down.
-Oprah Winfrey

Thursday, July 26, 2001

Well, for some reason my template won't update.....weird! That's two days now!

I've been trying to change my song to Headboard - Straight Edge Chick ! SUCH a good song! The quick little ditty you hear on the headboard start page is from this song! ^_^

Not too much exciting to report today, we missed the fire meeting, long story.....*L* I don't think the supervisor is very happy, but it's not like we knew where it was really......and well, it's complicated. ^_^ Ah well, she's away next week, and I have tons of stuff to do now! I'm even finally getting some responses from some faculty! So it's GOOD we missed the fire meeting and went to the donut meeting! I made contact with a few people and set up dates to see them! See, we know what we're doing! ^_^'

Life is good, as always! ^_^ Gym tonight, SOCS meeting, so I'll see some school friends (I hope Char found out!), and then tomorrow, Jamie comes down (we think *crosses fingers*), I get to go riding, AND then we hit the drive in, AND I get to drive!!!! Yes! Then Saturday, more fun, whole day with Jamie, and then off to party that night, and then I see Jamie on Sunday, and then he goes home. That's sad, but we're both bound to be exhausted by then! ^_^ I'm tired too......already! *L*

AND my to do list is slowly shrinking! Wow, me, semi organized.......scary thought!

We should strike, or so my coworker says. Too many hazards. The evil dust blowing fan taht irritates contacts, the desks like to bite......the rooms freezing or too hot....*grins* Ah, the people here are great! ^_^ Make working SO much more fun! ^_^ Otherwise, this would be so tedious I'd go crazy, oh wait that already happened! *L*

I'm hoping to go up North the long weekend in August, anyone care to go to the beach with me? *GRINS* I could probably provide accomodations for girls, but I'm not sure Dad'll give me the apartment, so it may just be a day trip! Come on, you know you want to! You have the Monday off already! *GRIN*

Well, that's it for now! Don't want to get caught blogging!


Have fun & God bless ya'll!

Wednesday, July 25, 2001


My laptop has returned!!!!!! And my home computer is all better too!!!! Oh, I'm thrilled!

I was sooo tired all day, along with everyone else in this building (very odd, suspicious even), but after leaving to check on my laptop and discovering both computers were well again and ready to come home, to sum it up, the spirits sang! ( ^_~ ) Though I'm a little distrubed about how excited I am. And I feel a little guilty, but the computer in the other office has serious issues, and the constant rebooting and loading pages along the very top of the browser, or down the side, only, was beginning to get a bit tedious......but all that's over now! My baby's back! ^_^

It's Wednesday too! So that's not so bad! I can handle that! Normally I'd be excited about the donut meeting tomorrow, but, sadly, we can't go tomorrow. There's a fire safety meeting! I think it's a little late. I know my way out by now, and if I didn't, I could've died in a fire already!!!! Yeesh. Maybe in May or June, but the end of July? *sighs*

Ah well. Such is life.

I'm so excited. This weekend should be amazing! I get to go to the Drive in (I HOPE!) on Friday!!!!! After a wonderful ride! (Well I think it'll be wonderful, tiring may be more appropriate) OH and that reminds me! ^_^

Do any of you have those leg press machines at the gym, the one where you squeeze your legs together, for lack of a better way of saying that? I mean it's funny to watch, given......But I'm still amazed at how many people watch everyone who goes on it. *grins* Ah well, such is life. But there are tons of machines that cause people to do things that look really really funny, and everyone watches that one? *shakes her head* It's not even that odd!

Darn it. Can't head out to the gym after all.

But that's okay, because I have extensive weekend plans to work out, and a room to finish going over, throwing out all I can before we move, and finally, I get to test out my fixed burner! ^_~ I have a feeling I'll be online for quite a while tonight.....*GRINS*

I've decided I like Faith Hill I think. Wouldn't play her stuff all the time, but it's pretty good. ^_^ I had one of her songs stuck in my head today!

Well, today I went from exhausted (I...... need ..... bed.....) to super happy/excited that my computers were well again, back down to a well grounded okayness. ^_^ But I'm very excited about the drive in! I love them!!!!!!! *Grins*

I want to thank Nikki and Sanjay!!! They made my day!!! Sadly it was nice discovering those little comment thingys used!!!!! *Grins* THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Life's pretty peachy keen these days!

As much as I'd love to go on, I'd probably better get going.

Though I'll apologize again for sending that virus on to some of you. Turns out it got on our network here. *sighs* But that's okay, I've got all the computers scanned and this one was offline when it struck. ^_^ Yay!

Good day all!!! If you're looking for me, I'll be at home, happily burning CDs, though I could use suggestions for good songs from anyone!


Have fun & God bless minna-san!

Security is mostly a superstition.
It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it.
Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure.
Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.
-Helen Keller

Tuesday, July 24, 2001

Wow, again.

Though I was worried because I slowly ran out of work to do over the week, hitting today, I realized that I have nothing left to do. And it's only Tuesday. My computer's still in the shop, they are having troubles replicating my problems and the warrantee runs out, any day now. Ah well, I won't have to pay for it.....*sigh*

But, to my rescue came computer virus' galore! Wow, it's amazing what people can pick up and not even realize it. One computer has so many, and it's in such bad shape I believe it's being left for dead, poor thing. I'm going to attack it next time I get bored. Unfortunately, you have to get into DOS to delete the files.......aiie. Well, that's one of the easier ways. ^_^

So, someone here managed to recieve the SIRCAM virus, only it turned out she didn't open the attachment properly and didn't get the virus, only the personal information of the person who sent it to her. Interesting. But, another computer, which has not had any attachments opened, that we know of, does have it, or did. *grins* Well I had fun running around cleaning them all. ^_^ And fixing other problems......

The worst moment was rebooting one comptuer after changing a slew of settings, and it wouldn't work. Scared me, Ryan standing over my shoulder blaming me. But I didn't touch system settings, I reasoned, it wasn't my fault!

I was getting quite distressed, because I'm usually the one that reports problems because no one else knows the tech guys and well, they're shy. *sigh* With Ryan listing off all the horrible things I was responsible for (though he was just kidding), I was fearing being blamed for all the failures that day, so I eventually just took out the CD. No I don't know where the idea came from, but it was the guy's CD that was messing up the computer. Very odd. So, it's fixed and on the network too, all panicing aside. ^_^

*grins* Probably doesn't sound very active or busy, but it was! And Crazily so! Fun too! ^_^ People are so funny when they realize they have a virus, esp. if they don't know how to fix it or what it does. *grins* We had a great time!

Plus, I told my supervisor that I had nothing left to do, I could no longer create work for myself, people really do have to get back to me now, and boy do I have work to do!

Pages of companies to hunt down, that I don't mind, it's just web addresses. And tomorrow, I get to help call every University and College in Canada!!! Exciting......

Ah well, at least I have the weekend to look forward to! And I'm definately excited about riding!!!!!!! More jumping drills this Friday I hope! I can hardly wait! I get to see Jamie this weekend and go jumping! What more could I ask for?

If you take that terribly Sanjay, I'll have to bring out the sandals again. ^_~

Well, that's all for now! Time to head over to the gym!

SORRY JAMIE for not being online today!!!! ^_^ I couldn't scam it at 4, well not on ICQ, but I was on earlier.....*grins* Ah well, time to hit the gym!!!!!!!

What a great day!

Chaos, distruction, disorder.
My work here is done.

Monday, July 23, 2001

Wow. What a weekend.
This past week has been "most marvelous"...... *hehe*

I hope all of you had as splendid a conclusion to their weekend as I did!

I managed to have quite the driving adventure on Friday night, some incomplete directions aided me in my quest to return home, but all's well! Not only did I get to drive the nice car around all night, but, I learnt a lot more about two nearby cities, and found my way home without any help! I did consult a map at one point, only because I felt guilty about using so much gas and was hoping my parents weren't worried about me being gone so long.....*L* Yeesh. I decided to relax and enjoy the drive, even if two cab drivers tried to kill each other....... Not to mention horse back riding! I learnt some great exercises for riding, so hopefully I'll be back in form in no time! Isaiah is the sweetest horse!

Saturday was fairly relaxed, went to a movie with my Mum! America's Sweethearts. I enjoyed it very much! But then again, I was in exactly the right mood for such a movie. ^_^

Sunday was great too! I got up a little (well more than a little....^_^) earlier than Saturday, made my own breakfast, scrambled eggs no less! Though in my haze I attempted to make them incorrectly the first time. Luckily, they were still good and my second attempt was much better. The realization that I was making eggs wrong was enough to wake me up.....*L* Perhaps I shouldn't operate an oven while I'm still not awake.....^_^ *L* Anyhow, after what turned out to be a wonderful breakfast, I quickly cleaned up and was at the horse show before lunch time! Amazing!

I had a great time, and I have the sun burn to prove it! *L* I spent most of the day outdoors, though I ran home right before the thunderstorm hit! I wanted to get the car back in case anyone needed it so I left when the jumping was over and they had started indoor flat classes (indoor due to the lightning). I filled up the car and ran home, just getting back in the car in time to miss being pelted by rain! Astounding! But, I didn't exactly rush inside when I did get home. It's been a while since it rained that hard!!! *grins* it felt wonderful! I haven't had that much fun in a while!!!!! I can't wait to get back into it again!

But I have one complaint. There were no hot dogs. You can NOT have a horse show, with out barbecued hot dogs!!! It's just wrong!!!!!!!!! What else are the poor riders and spectators going to eat!? I will admit to enjoying the chicken sylvaki (sp!?) but in a hard hat and with a good blouse on, I may not have been so bold! *L* Ah well, it was tasty that's all that matters! :) I had a great time, but I'll spare you all the details! ^_^ I don't know of any horsey people who read this and thus my running commentary would go unnoticed. ^_^

The greatest mistake you can make in life
is to be continually fearing you will make one.
-Elbert Hubbard

Friday, July 20, 2001


Don't ask, manged to delete entire, _lengthy_ blog.

I'll write later.

Here's the link from it though:

Great Online Virus Scanner

I have a sudden urge to go to the gym, but I'm riding tonight. I think I'll have to make sure to get to one this weekend........

Well, after plowing through some more work email while trying to dig up an appropriate quote, I've realized I'm not too annoyed about this actually, it was a little lengthy, this way I'll be able to cut it all down to a shorter, much more interseting account I'm sure! ^_~

Adieu! And God bless!

Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as if
they were going to be dead by midnight.
Extend to them all the care, kindness and
understanding you can muster,
and do with no thought of any reward.
Your life will never be the same again.
-Og Mandino
*grins* I'm getting slow on this eh? If only I wasn't so.....supervised now! *L* Or if I had a computer at home to use.....Ah well. It'll be nice to have it back and in working order again! And it IS kinda nice to always have more work to do! In fact, I'm getting quite productive, this page might be finished yet! ^_^ I just don't like harassing people to give me their forms, and it's getting to be that time again........

So, hope you're all well! ^_^ Summer has been most interesting so far!

I never did say what happened on Monday or Tuesday did I? Well, Jamie, being the wonderful guy that he is, decided to come up to visit me on Monday, the reasons are unimportant....^_^ So we had a wonderful night, talked quite a bit, and well just spent time together. We went out to dinner, he came and picked me up from work!!! ^_^ I gave him his surprise, I made him a CD, he always needs to take mine on the trip home to keep him awake, so I figured he'd like his own....*L* I managed to scam making it at work, though I almost got blamed for the computer virus, but we know it wasn't me, and in fact I helped get everything fixed, but that's another long and involved story! ^_^ Ah, the panic in the computer rooms when a virus begins to spread reaching it's tendrils into every nearby machine sending up a frantic fray of virus scans, searches for new software, or a way to scan a computer.....*grins*

Anyhow! So Jamie came up, picked me up from work and then went back to my place so I could change. I didn't know he was coming and I was a mess, not at all ready for a decent dinner! ^_^ We went to East Side Marios and shared an extremely yummy supper! One of those combo things, with Veal parmasean, cheese cannellonni, and meat lasagna! Perfect! Terrible for you, but tasty!

Then we talked for extended periods of time and relaxed and before long it was quite late and he drove me home. Little did I know that he simply snagged a hotel room and took Tuesday off. He called me at work again and we met for lunch! He met all the girls I work with, though Jana missed him, ^_^ and then he went and got me medicine and saved me from horrible amounts of pain.....*grins* I even managed to sneak off a little early! So we sat and talked some more and then went to Tim Hortons before heading back to my place, where he ended up staying for dinner, and then after dinner he was supposed to go home so we made our usual trip to Waterdown first. I don't know why but we always seem to have to run an errand right before he leaves! *L* After finding dog chews and after he chatted briefly with his parental units, it was time for him to go. We managed to delay it a little longer as we talked and remembered all sorts of things he had forgotten....*grins*

I don't tell it very well here, but perhaps that is because much of it is hard to recount. I was just enjoying spending time with Jamie. And I'm definately sure our conversations would be of little interest to anyone reading this ^_^ So, onto a new topic shall we? :)

Well, back to my virus problems! *grins* I had a little window suddenly pop up on my comptuer warning me I had a suspicious file that may be a mailing worm. Naturally I virus scanned, though it took a while to turn up anything, though it eventually did turn it up and annilate it. No problem! This scare though led me to search for a more updated program or a way to update mine. The tech guy overhead me and came to my rescue with the necessary disk to pull me onto another subnet of the network to pull off all the files. Then we found an easier way later, but oh well! ^_^ Turns out someone put something on my computer that they shouldn't have and I somehow can download the updates from the web, which I shouldn't be able to do, but it's not really from the web, *shurgs* I'm not complaining, it's what we needed! ^_^ Then he pointed us to this great web site and said it scanned quite throughly and was better than the software the school has invested in, though it has no "real time" protection for us. You can find it here! What a great program!

Egads, it's lunch time!


Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Wow. Things have been amazingly busy this past weekend! Overall, I'm doing extraordinarily well :)

There's nothing quite like driving, windows down, the starry sky spanning endlessly around me, and the stereo playing a freshly made cd. Now that was wonderful. I was on my way home from going out with Sarah. We had meant to go to the mall, since neither of us has gone in a while, but realized it was Saturday and the malls are closed. So, we went off to a movie. We were in the mood for light comedy, and who else but another girl would agree to see Legally Blonde because it looked funny? ^_^ We ended up enjoying it, and our first row seats. We missed a few minutes, but that didn't take away from it at all. Our spontaneous decision worked out fairly well. ^_^ So, we watched the movie, realized we felt quite old compared to the movie theater crowd (all the movies let out at the same time, weird.), went to Dairy Queen and then headed home. She talked me into coming in and talking for a bit, we had a nice chat, then it was time to head home.

I was enjoying driving so much, I couldn't bring myself to turn off the hwy to go home. So, I went down another concession and went to drive back towards my house when I decided that was cheap. If I was going to drive, I was at least going onto some new roads. So, I went away from home for a while. Ended up on a street that didn't have a name (odd.....) and it was so beautiful I had to put the car in park and gaze at the sky. The stars and planets were so bright. I could see everything from the middle of the road in the middle of nowhere. The only lights were my headlights, which I turned off. Wow. I was in awe. So much beauty........

Eventually I had to drive home, but I enjoyed my little road trip, as I'm sure you've noticed! ^_^

Did I mention riding on Friday night was amazing? Now I just have to scam a way to the barn in the fall, ^_^ I was offered a job there, and oddly enough, I love lugging hay bales, filling water buckets and spending time around the stalls. It makes me feel quiet and peaceful inside to be there. Horses have that effect on you. ^_^ Well, on some people. You can't be nervous, or else they are. You have no room to think about anything but you, your movements and the horse and it's reactions. And hey, I'm finally starting to relax my shoulders, my instructor is really correcting my form. ^_^ It's great. I feel so much more in control and balanced. Horse back riding is the best sport EVER. I love her horses too! They are so sweet, friendly, responsive, but they have so much spunk! ^_^ Personality, rare in school horses! ^_^

Sunday was lovely. A wonderful morning at church, then back to my place to change and off to a picnic with Melissa and Greg! ^_^ It was a nice, quiet, filling afternoon! Good food......^_~ And we visited "Camp Melissa" and I learnt how to make boxes out of old calendar paper! *giggles* Sounds weird when I say it like that......But it was fun!

Now Monday was the best part. ^_^ But I'll get to that later! ^_~

When you come to the end of all the light you know,
and it's time to step into the darkness of the unknown,
faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen:
Either you will be given something solid to stand on
or you will be taught to fly.
-Edward Teller

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

Apparently I've made my way, StorTropper style, onto Sanjay's page.....:) I'm the one in the pigtails. I'll let you figure it out for yourself. *sighs* I suppose I should be honoured......*rolls her eyes* (*hehe* You're funny Sanjay! ^-^)

Well hello again! I'm back and working harder than ever! I'm amazed I found time to type today! What's this schedule?! I know I know, _I'm_ WORKING! Crazy! I have deadlines now! For what work you ask? I say good question, but I guess I'd better find some! *L* If only the camera and that CD (URG!!! WHO TOOK IT?!) hadn't dissapeared.....hmmm. Mysteries to solve and people to hunt down. The plot thickens.....

Anyways, now that I'm done being *da da dum!* melodramatic.....\(^o^)/ <- isn't it CUTE! It's a Japanese emoticon!!!!! *hehe* See? It's a little person with their arms in the air looking happy!

Back to my day. ^_~

I'm off to the gym for the first time today! \(^o^)/ I'm all signed up and ready to go!!! I'm meeting a few girls from work! Hopefully we'll talk Julie into joining one of these days! ^_~ I've been dying to join but I wasn't sure how to use all those fancy machines. Far more hi-tech than the stuff I used in high school! Now I have someone to learn with and someone to teach, I'm all set! Time to get in perfect shape!!!! I was getting tired of running around our survey.... ^_^ I'm distrubingly excited about this new outlet for my energy! Between this, riding and all the running around and swimming I do these days.....I'm set!! Now to keep it up during the school year....

Which reminds me!!! Well, I didn't know it until today but magically I have 3 new roomates?! What's with this? Well, happily, my landlord is getting married, not so happily, she didn't tell me about it, or that it entails moving and renting out the space above my head to three total strangers.......I could have lived with 5 people, but Jana and I wanted a quiet, work related environment. We planned on partying at friends houses! ^_~ We knew each other, our landlord, all was well. We didn't even get dibs on the master bedroom!!! *shakes her head* Ah well, at least we can lock ourselves away if the people above us are crazy. And if they're not, hey it could be fun, right? *hopeful* But I'm hearing all sorts of horror stories on a now daily basis. Strangers and friends and their interesting at home habits....
On top of that and the reason I managed to find out everything that's going on, I was talking to my housemate and my landlord just forgot to tell me that I didn't need to pay for this month. I know she's super nice and means well, but who has the extra money? She probably didn't cash the cheque but now I have to call and harass her about all these changes, so then _I_ feel bad! *shakes her head*

That's enough ranting for today.....*L*

Bowling last night was hilarious! I'll have to tell you about it later! I gotta run before my boss walks in....... ^_^' <- sweatdrop = nervousness *hehe*

But I've never seen more entertaining bowlers!! At least twice the ball rolled towards us instead of the pins.....*LMBO*

Ah man. I love science students.......^_~ And Med-Phys grads too. Software Engineers have been nice so far too! *L*

Anyhow, I'm off! Have a great day ya'll! I'll probably be stiff and sore tomorrow but......I can't wait!

Oh, and the gash on my leg from the weekend isn't really healing at all........weird. Maybe I should get a stich or something........hopefully it'll scab over eventually...... I dunno, changing bandages is almost fun though....*L* Sorry, can't do the dishes, time to change my bandages!! ^_^ And think, it would have been more complicated, though more deadly, years ago, but you could get out of doing all sorts of things!!!! *L* Sorry, can't help, time to change my bandages!.......anyhow........


Have fun & God bless ya'll!

May you have enough happiness to make you sweet,
enough trials to make you strong,
enough sorrow to keep you human,
enough hope to make you happy.
- unknown

Tuesday, July 10, 2001

It's certianly been a while hasn't it?

While I'm recouperating from my little sock retreival operation, which entaled a pleasant, though hot, walk to Julie's house, I thought I'd fill you in a little. *miscevious grin* Now I know where Julie lives......^_~

I am possibly going bowling tonight, details still to be arranged, with everyone from work. Sounds good :)

My new design is coming, slowly, but it's coming. Give it time :)

Well, this weekend past... Where to begin? Perhaps one of the most memorable moments happened at the Jazz festival. Jamie was up to visit me on Saturday, and the day went really well I think. We ended up going to the Jazz Festival after Lisa called and told us she was going with Sanjay. We mustn't forget a few of his friends, Jeff being one of them.

It was a lovely afternoon/evening/night. Rain threatened a few times, but only a few drops fell and I enjoyed those. The antics were amusing, the restaurant had wonderful food and the Jazz was well worth the trip. The group we sat and listened to the longest (after we finally finished pacing up and down the street late at night) had a female vocalist and was a little on the swing side by times. We danced in the street a little. Now there's a moment. Dancing slowly in the street, properly no less, with a tiny bit of rain and good music. Can't beat that. *beams*

We managed to walk a red light, I lost the skin on my right big toe and I was the recipient of a lovely flower! (Thanks Lisa!) What can I say. It was a wonderful night and I cannot do it justice trying to relate it here.

Jamie had arranged to stay at Tony's. I finally was able to repay him a little for all the driving he's done for me over the years. :) And I got to see Char before she went away on Friday, so that was nice! Jamie and I picked him up later too and we took him to get his bike rim replaced and to bring him to the festival with us. :) We attempted to distract him from the void where Char usually is. :) Poor guy. Poor Char too, but I'm sure she'll manage to enjoy her vacation!

Two whole weeks before I see Jamie again......

I'll be making another trip back to my "home" again soon. Home of the most beautiful sunsets!!!! I can hardly wait! I'm due a vacation.

Sunday, Jamie had made arrangements to stay at Tony's so that he could stay for the festival, and I'm glad he did...^_^ Anyhow, we washed the cars for my parents and his, occupied Steve for a bit (he's great at cleaning!) and went swimming. Then we went and saw The Fast and The Furious. Pretty good movie, fast cars, racing, decent plot. A little lacking in family values.......but overall, a decent summer movie. We had a nice long talk, made our own dinner no less, and had a lovely evening before he drove home. :) What a great way to spend a weekend eh? I managed to see some friends and Jamie! ^_^ Oh, and I got some more pool in too. You know, one of these days I might actually begin to look like I've played before.... *L*

Yesterday I ran some errands, drove my brother around (willingly, save Mum some driving I hope!) and I took Tony out for a quick coffee! I even managed to swing by Sarah's but she wasn't in yet. :) And, best of all, I still had time to talk to Jamie before bed! ^_^

Well, that's a quick (or not so quick *L*) rundown of the major events in my weekend. I suppose I could have dramatised some incidents, like slicing my right leg open, but I decided against it. I'm just going to have to be bandaid woman for a few more days.....*L* My baby toe has been attacked a few more times. Little brothers, Bailey, myself, but not Jamie this time! *L* My other foot's big toe is missing enough skin to be inconvient and the nice set of bandaids on the same leg looks interesting. I'm still not sure what I sliced it on in the garage, I'd been through it so many times already I guess I got a bit less careful that last time. Or.....oh ya some stuff had fallen over so I was stepping over it different....weird. Ah well, it got me out of finishing cleaning up after washing the cars ^_~

Heck I even vaccumed the pool! I've been a busy girl! :) It was the best weekend I've had in a while. I've even got all my accounts paid up and forms in for school so I'm all set. No more worried, aside from rent, for at least another month!! ^_^

Now I just have to call my landlady about this rent thing.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their summers!

This above all: to thine own self be true.
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.
-William Shakespeare

Wednesday, July 04, 2001

TA DA! I'm officially insured and fully liscenced. I can drive as of 10 O'Clock this morning. Scary thought, eh? ^_^

Well, in my wisdom this morning, through the blur of sleep, I wandered into my Mum's room to tell her that the alarm was going off, but, still being partially asleep, I wandered in with my eyes half closed. The sound of the alarm had spurred me out of sleep. I wandered up to the bed and called her, attempting to leave everyone else asleep, only, I didn't give the ceramic tiles on the floor quite enough girth. I managed to spin one with only the little toe on my left foot......the up side is, I can't feel it anymore, and it's a little less purple, a lot more red and bigger too. But I like not being able to feel it! *L* It's one of those things you know is going to hurt later........bad enough they were sure I broke it, now I smashed it too.....*L* Darn that toe.....

I'm getting off work on time to go on my first little excursion today! I can hardly wait! ^_^ Silly as that sounds! It's nice to be free!

Wow, today went fast. It's almost lunch time, yes!

Anyways, I'm afraid not much has happened yet, so I'm off to make more conversation and such. Oh and work....^_~

Have fun & God bless ya'll!

Carl would have to be fast to beat the stranger. Real fast.
"Draw," said the stranger.
Carl went for his gun,
but then "Hey, where did all these angels come from?"
-Jack Handly

Tuesday, July 03, 2001

I've decided. My new template is going to be all natural.....:) It took some deliberations. Now I just need to find suitable images.....^_^

Well, today's gone fast I'm happy to say! I'm a little tired, but that's to be expected. And I get to go home on time! Yes! It makes coming in early worthwhile! ^_^

The downside is, I'm not going bowling, but I'm not really that upset about it. ^_^

I'm flying through books these days, I'm going to need to go buy the next one tomorrow or the day after at this rate! ^_^ Luckily, I should be on the insurance as of tomorrow so I'll be able to drive myself around! ^_^ Very exciting. :) And that's right by the movie theater.......too bad I can't go tonight eh? Well, maybe I can, we'll see! ^_^

Well, not much to note today. Oddly enough, my toe didn't bother me all weekend, but now it's really acting up. Maybe it's because I have so little to do. *L*

I think watching movie trailers will be my new hobby!

Have fun guys!


Leap, and the net will appear.
-Julie Cameron

I'm officially a geek.

I'm taking programming next year, and.....I just got excited about more computer stuff.....it was acceptable to be excited over software.........but this.......*sighs*

The worst part is, I'm not overly ashamed of it....*L*
Good morning! ^_^

Wow, getting up early is taking a little getting used to. Crazy. But, it means I'll make up the time I took off in no time, and more!

For those of you who didn't hear, I passed my drivers test and can now drive, unsupervised! Though, I have no idea how often I'll get the car. I'm already being blamed for the paint on the side of it! I haven't even driven alone yet!! I'm not insured until today! But, worst part is, I can't deny it. I just touched a pole with my bumper, but I didn't get out to check....urg. Ah well, at least I got it out of the way right away! *grins* You'd never know I passed with flying colours.......*L* Or that I'm a great driver! ^_^ Ah well, the little tiny bit from me is nothing compared to what someone else did....*smiles* So I'm in the clear. :)

Canada weekend was extremely eventful and I had a great time! The only negative thing to say about the last few days is very small. I failed in another attempt to knock my baby toe off my foot. But that's okay, it's turned a nice puprle colour and is a good deal bigger than before. That'll teach it to get in my way!
Funny part is, I don't remember exactly how I did it. I think it was around when I was swimming. What a lovely little lake that wasy! Anyhow, I dismissed it at the time and kept going. I kept dismissing it until I realized it was quite large, and turning purple. And Jamie repetatively stepped on it. Each incident was followed with profuse apology, which I found quite funny. ^_^ It's only a baby toe. Even Mum's convinced I broke it, but hey, it's a toe! ^_^ I blamed him for the red colour.....*L*

I shall allow no man to belittle my soul by making me hate him.
-Booker T. Washington