Wednesday, August 29, 2001

YAY! Other person's web site fixed. They figured it out when I had to run to grab cds. (: I should have seen it. Thos darn #'s.....*laughs* I can't believe it. It's always so easy, in retrospect. (:

Now time to get back to my site!! 45 minutes to go! YAY!

Working, and problems, actually put me in a good mood....I love figuring things out, even though I didn't get a chance to really work on this other problem, and what's a last minute project with out a few glitches? My only glitch so far is not having enough time! Ah well, such is life.

Talked to lady who's to be webmaster. Going to her now tomorrow once I've burned the info. *sighs*

I get to see an old friend AND I get to drive tonight. Oh and it's my first night in my new place. Spooky. At least I have a working phone now!! *Grins* I wonder if I can talk him into playing pool with me......... *hehe*

Back to the grind! *Grins* Being this busy and crazy and behind a deadline, feels like school all over again. Ahh, warm fuzzy feelings!

"An Occassional anything won't kill you,
Unless it's an occassional bullet to the head."
-Same Grandmama (or Grandpapa maybe), same movie as below! (:
It's been a while!

Things have been CRAZY, to say the least. Good thing I've been getting well rested all summer or I'd be out cold right now. *laughs*

Work is ZANY! Too much to do, not enough time, and STILL they're late getting back to me!! Today was supposed to be my last day, 1 and 1/2 hours to go, and two people, the lady who's supposed to look over the page and tell me if there's any grevious errors hasn't come yet (we won't even mention my boss who's always MIA *L*), neither has the lady who has to learn how to update it. Did I mention that this site is going to take a lot of explaining?

I'm trying to list everything that may ever need to be updated, things I started on, things I still need, things and people I did everything, how to do everything, and I just finished typing in pages of information since I could get nothing but the hard copy of the info. This is some of the info I've been hunting for......It's so nice when people get back to you..... that's okay. The guy with it on disk is away in China. That makes it understandable, but it being my last day and all..... Well, let's just say I'm working tomorrow now. (: Until I leave. I may even have to drive up on my own now!! Yikes. To the new house that is.

Right, that's what else has been going on. I haven't even put a dent in everything going on here at work and my rushing about to fix my page as well as the other persons. Poor thing. The site went spastic. None of the links work. They should. The code, and the little properties box BOTH tell the page to link to one place, but it won't go. But only on this one computer. Which is, naturally, the one she has to work on. *sighs* I've done innumerous things to it, to no avail. I have no idea, nor is my mind totally on the task. So, she's petitioning to get her original computer back, since that would make her life easier to begin with. Long story there, I'll go on.

So, I'm pretty much moved into my apartment, but there's soo many issues there. I need to find free interest service for a while. Nice guy at the store helped me figure that all out. We were talking while he was quoting hub prices and cable prices for me. Yes, I get to learn how to do that stuff too. No big deal though, sounds really easy. But doesn't everything? Linking is also very simple. Little a href="insert link here". But that doesn't always work either. (:

I also have to convince 4 people to split Internet costs evenly, even though 2 of us are on one line and the other 3 are on another. I hope they're feeling generous, or else I'm going to have to pay more than I'd like for Internet. While they all pay a lot less. *sighs* No more on my new place. It'll be fine once we all MEET. Or at least have a way of contacting each other. (:

Then there's the fact that by the time I get home tonight the whole house will be packed and ready to go. They started yesterday. Life's been crazy trying to get everything ready in time. I even had to go into work late yesterday (part of why I'm working Thursday) to help get some stuff done. Again, too much to say here, I'll go on.

I saw Jen for the last time for 2 years last night. We had a pretty good time. It just hit me when she was getting out of the car. Two years is a long time. Things will be so different by then, I can hardly imagine. (:

Wow it got cold in here all of a sudden.

So I'm up at the new house Thursday and Friday. I think I might be going out with Heather Thursday, that's great! But that leaves Friday night free. It's been a LONG time since I was home on a Friday night.

Then Saturday, drive right back here for a SOCS meeting. Then it's Welcome Week. Finally next weekend, I resurface, exhausted, but having fun I'm sure, and somehow I have to find time to drive the car home. Not sure how that's going to work, but I can make it work. (: Maybe on the Saturday. I can handle missing the football game, but it was a BLAST last time!!

Ah well, maybe they'll hire me for a bit during the beginning of the school year, to show the new webmaster the ropes (she's never done this before, websites I mean) and to finish fixing things up. That would be nice. Money is good.

Anyhow, I'm sure you can excuse my infrequent updates now *cough - Sanjay - cough* seeing as how I'm a bit swamped. ^_^ I'm also trying to cram in visits with friends I won't see again for a long time, esp. now that I'm moving away and they're going back to school. Naturally, we've all been too busy, so we're cramming everything in NOW. *L*

I'll have far too much free time again once school starts I'm sure, so you can expect more after that. (:

So, you can't contact me at my old number or address anymore, I'm not there! (:

Well guys, have a great day! One hour to go and so much to do! I gotta run!

"God gave man three things with which he can get into a lot of trouble,
and two of them are ears."
- Someone's great Grandmama, from the movie "It Came from the Sky" Or is it "They".......

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

Here's some funny advice I found in my inbox today, courtesey of Kelli Fox:

"If others seem to be crazy, that's between them and their psychiatric care providers. "

Hey Nikki, Did I remember to reply to your email? I remember thinking it....but did I write it too? *L* Sad I know.....

Go the extra mile. It's never

-Executive Speechwriter

Hmm, it's been a while, hasn't it? *grins* Where to begin?

Well, I'm on VACATION!!!! Kick butt, I know. But, sadly, it was cancelled. So I'm sitting at home. :(

But things are kinda busy right now, so I'll finish this update later. But I'm not dead!

Special thanks to Chris for making me person of the day!! So sweet!!!

His blog's pretty funny, and I like the layout, so go visit!!!!! Besides, Chris seems to be a pretty interesting fellow! (Yes I know, here I go with that word again, but it's the best descriptive word, EVER!)

Whereas Sanjay's just plain gross!!!! :p

Anyhow, I'm off topic! For once I have so much to say, I feel the need to go finish up the rest of my stuff first. Besides, I'll have a better idea what's going on in about an hour! *grin* Or sooner from what I can now hear of the conversation downstairs.....

But, the Internet's fixed here (well the phone line..... ^_^) so expect to be hearing more from me in the future!! Vacation or not!! *L* Or maybe because of it..... (That was if I had spare time to ENJOY my vacation *grumble*)

Anyhow, have fun guys!! Don't work too hard! Well it's okay, it's almost school time, plenty of time to relax then!! *wink*

Hey this quote goes right with the book I'm reading, how perfect!

The ultimate test of a
man's conscience may be
his willingness to sacrifice
something today for future
generations whose words of
thanks will not be heard.

-Gaylord Nelson

Thursday, August 16, 2001

Ooh, now I have an excuse to burn a new cd!! Not that I need an excuse mind you.....^_~

Perfect. Now I can go home and make a travelling CD..... ^_~ It's a great excuse, it'll keep me from getting interrupted, esp. if I pretend to clean my room while it's burning.....


Sad part, I probably really will clean....I have to start packing... :(

(But that's kind of exciting too..... ^o^) <- What a silly little face!!!

Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it is the only thing.
-Albert Schweitzer
Another day....

I was going crazy. Normally, Thursdays are exciting. Being donut meeting days and the day before Friday....but this week, everyone seems eager to have work over with.

Though, I WON a free tea today for knowing the special Snack place's Trivia Question!!! Yay me! Do you know what the world's largest lizard is? Okay, so it's an easy one.... :p

But I had just bought a coke, and then that free hot chocolate later...... ^_~ Maybe that explains my new found jumpyness..... ^_~

This morning, I even got to see the girl I worked with last summer! That was fun! She's neat!

Must to my surprise, after getting back from lunch, Mum had called. Apparently, I no longer have to work on Friday!!! *YAY* I get to go to my new home, well the town anyways, because my brother needs to be registered for school!!! Perfect timing. I'm not sure I could have handled another day of work.... Best part is, I can make it up, I don't have to give up the pay! Wunderbar! Lots of good news today, eh? About time!!! ^_^

So now I'm horribly excited. I also have an urge to go see "The Others"!! Bad idea since I'll be living alone (almost) in a week, but still! *L* I need a good summer movie thriller. Besides, it's apparently a classy horror. All about the scares, not just gore. (: Just plain gory ones are boring and least I'm not a fan!

I really want to see a few movies that are out, but I haven't gotten a chance yet.... :(

I think I'll go work on the beach tomorrow. Ya, I know, vacation = no work, but I have this little intro thingy for the page I've been dying to make..... It needs some spicing up, in my humble opinion. ^_~ What better place to learn flash but the beach? Esp. since I can't do it at work..... ;)

I'm more excited than I should be! But, going "home" is such an escape. And I could use one *L* Then I'll still be back for the party Saturday....YAY!

Oh, and I got invited to another party!! It's on a Saturday (hopefully a week away, when I'm moved in) She lives a street or two from me, it could be fun!!! I'm supposed to go to the BBQ with her and this guy from work for a few minutes today! The BBQ is for the gym members, bonus! (Free too! ^_^)

Oooh, I bought the nicest smelling lip balm today!!! It's sooo cute!! I couldn't resist! Well, really, it's lip gloss. Juicy Peach or something!! Yummy anyhow! Goodness, we find weird things to do on lunch!! *L*

Anyways, there's all the happy news for today!!! I'll leave out that I might have to miss riding *sniffles* and the other down parts.......

BTW, Nikki, did you want to horseback ride for sure? When did you want to start? And could you give me a lift to the barn? I'll pay for gas, you drive, how does that sound? :) I could talk to Camilla and get lessons scheduled for about the same time or something........(We should probably talk about this sometime soon eh? *L* I'm so bad for being organized!!!)

Anyways, I should get back to work!! Only a little bit of time left and I have a lot of little things to polish up so this can be web ready......^_^


We probably wouldn't worry about what people think of us
if we could know how seldom they do.
-Olin Miller

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Well another day at work is over, and I actually accomplished something today!!! Shocked? I know I am! This site might actually get done, novel concept.

I finished a whole section today, though I want to check on one more thing. Just got to clean up a few more little details, everything will be running then I can, HOPEFULLY, dress it up a little!!! *YAY* I should have it all working this week and can do all the dressing up on my last 3 days!

Only 2 more days until my vacation!! ^_^

Jamie?! I thought you didn't have internet anymore? O.O

Well, I guess that means I can't tell everyone the thing I found today that I bought for his present..... :) I think I did well too!! (I hope.....)

Last night, both terrible and great. I'll tell you about the great part. ^_~

I had this amazing bubble bath. If you're ever in need of a good soothing experience, I suggest a bubble bath. Nothing quite like soaking in the tub to drain all your troubles, and sore muscles away! I felt soo realxed afterwards. ^_^ Mum was all nice and filled up the tub for me, she could tell I was worried that day.... I love my parents!

Normally, I go easy on bubbles. I always want to save some. I feel selfish taking too many.....silly I know! But she must have loaded them in!! I've only ever seen that many in a movie!!! I was so happy!!! ^_^ I sat and read and inhaled white magnolia for a while before climbing out. So satisfying. Now that's a good way to unwind. (:

It's all about the simple pleasures. ^_^

Well I'll leave this here! I'm off to go exercise up a storm! I haven't been able to work out at the gym for a while (almost a week!!!! Yipes!) so I've gotta really get going tonight! (don't worry I've made up for it!)

Though, my brother tried to set the scale ahead and scare me, I didn't think almost 300 lbs was realistic. It was really messed up though, so maybe it was my little brother and anyhow, it's not functioning now. It doesn't reset to zero, but it seems to think I'm losing almost 10 pounds a day. Nice thought, but can't be true. *sigh* Guess I need a new one. Maybe it's another one of those signs......"Don't use a scale...." *shrugs*

I guess you had to be around for the "signs" conversation for that to be funny......

Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time.
Then your time on earth will be filled with glory.
-Betty Smith
This was the horoscope I recieved this morning. Now I get these things just for fun, but I thought I'd share this one:

Greetings Stacey,
Here is your horoscope for
Wednesday, August 15.

You just want to be yourself, but someone appears to have a problem with that.
Is everybody here on the same page of the same contract?
Maybe your interests would be better served in a different situation. light of all the craziness in my life..... (:

If only it were that simple.....

Death is not the greatest loss in life.
The greatest loss is what dies within us while we live.
-Norman Cousins

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

Just got back from a weekend away on Sunday. I'm afraid things have been crazy ever since (how unusual) so I haven't had a chance to blog!

Well, I think everyone was as surprised as I was with their rep names!! Yikes.

The weekend was interesting. I ended up spending a lot of time on my own, oddly enough, and I got a _lot_ or running in. Boy did that feel good! Just me, the trees, the sky (sometimes stars, which were spectacular! Though I couldn't see Antares, the trees were in the way... And sometimes I was under a lovely blue sky). It was cooler up there then down here. Boy I love it up there. I can't wait to go visit my family! They had the mystery thing at the park again this weekend!!! I didn't get to go see but it reminded me of my friend who acted in that last summer! Unfortunately, she wasn't working at the park that weekend. I couldn't get to the visitor centre to leave her the letter either! So, I'll have to mail it! *L* I just have to remember to send it soon or else she won't get it before she heads off for school again.... So, the weekend was spent largley solo, but I needed time to think anyhow. It didn't really go as I expected, but I had a good enough time. I went to that much trouble to get there, I thought I ought to make sure I enjoyed it!

It's almost time for school again eh? (:

I think my weekend theme song would have to be Blue Day by American HiFi. It was playing in my head ALL weekend!!! Probably because I listened to it when I was running the trails.

There are not many places where a girl can go off by herself, in the pitch dark, in the woods, and be safe. It was past 3 in the morning and the bathrooms were quite a walk....(: I loved it. Just the stars and a weak flashlight. I didn't get scared at all, oddly enough! In a way, it was nice to be alone and feel so free. I didn't feel held back by anything. I could go off alone and it was fine.

Sadly, I didn't get to swim this weekend, that was unfortunate, but I got a long walk instead. (Seeing a pattern?) ^_^

I got to taste the best steak I've had in a long time (or ever), a few good meals, and lots of campfire chit chat. We even learnt how to cook potatoes in the fire, and for how long! *L* Sad eh? I haven't been camping since I was a Girl Guide! And we learnt how easy it is to overcook corn. I ate better up there than I probably ever will on my own!! *L* Thanks guys!!!!! (Everyone was sweet and sharing! All I had to share were hot dogs though.....I wonder who ended up finishing them?)

I don't get to sit in front of a fire often enough I've decided. I should go camping every year! Well then again, as long as I'm with SOCS I can!!! But if I'm not a rep, I won't help choose evil names for the people I call my friends!!! :p (You know who you are!)

Flute playing, horseback riders!!! ^_^

So, overall, good weekend. I was quite tired when I got back though! I didn't sleep much up there. I didn't want to. Being up there, all I wanted to do was move and do sitting or any of that nonesense! I woke up at really really early hours (just after the sun), went for a bit of a run while everyone was still asleep, in the cool morning air, then came back and went back to sleep. I woke up when everyone else had (or shortly thereafter), relaxed for a bit in the tent, and then got on with the day. I ran more the first morning, and I ran later on in the second day. I wasn't sore at all while I was up there, but when I came home......yikes. Can't wait to hit the gym tonight!! If I get to.... ^_~ Though, I didn't feel near so guilty about all the junk I was eating!!! *L*

The last few days here have been interesting. I'm finally catching up on my sleep. I was really really tired when I came home. That day I helped around the house too! I even vacuumed the pool!!!! *L* Crazyness!

I realized how much I'm going to miss my parents and my brother, and most of all Bailey! The poor thing had a vet trip yesterday and had lots of things fixed, so he's not quite recovered yet...... (:

I learnt a lot this last week or so, and that's a good thing. The last few days haven't been so great, but things always get better eventually, right?

Congrads on starting your Blog Chris!

Oh and it's about time I did this: TA DA! New link to NIKKI! And Chris!

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

Wednesday, August 08, 2001

Blogger is updating again, obviously.

So if I decide to waiver my chance to be
one of the hive will I choose water over wine
and hold my own and drive?
It's driven me before and it seems to be the way
that everyone else gets around.
But lately I'm beginning to find
that when I drive myself my light is found.
Whatever tomorrow brings,
I'll be there with open arms and open eyes.
- Drive, Incubus
I'd have to say, the fire alarm has been the highlight of my day. How often do you see a bunch of people, sitting around in a restricted area, ie. the radioactive labs, and wait for a minute before deciding that it's probably best to go see what all the fuss is about. Well, everyday, but it's not the reaction you expect when alarms start going off.....

We were pointed out the appropriate fire exit where we got in a little sunbathing. ^_^ Apparently, I really needed it. Mr. I'm from Barbados Sean, thinks that I'm too pale. (": I get sun, I just don't tan very much. Besides the lobster red burn turned into a decent tan on my shoulders. Well, it did!


Perhaps bringing in my computer, again, will end up being productive this time. It's a good thing the desk staff are so nice and helpful. Then I don't mind. They all know me on sight now. I'm the girl with the cd burner that doesn't get fixed. Well, at least they believe it isn't software problems now! ^_^

Busy weekend, eh? Overall, it was decent. The shooting star made my weekend.

The sky is so spectacular these days.....anyone else seen the Orange moon? (:

And yesterday, a wolf/coyote jumped out in front of my car.....I missed it, don't worry. (: I'm going to miss living around here!

I can't wait to see Planet of the Apes, or Rush Hour 2.....both look good! I'm a little lacking in time, due to cleaning. Although, I might scam it yet! I might head over with my brother. We don't do enough together anymore......*L*

Well, 'tis all for now!

Have a good one!

If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities.
-Maya Angelou

Friday, August 03, 2001

Ugh..... ^_^

That about sums up most of today. *L* On the upswing, I got the CD burnt. No, not on my burner. Yeesh. Unfortunatley, two of the BEST songs, didn't burn. Only about 4 seconds of them. How odd. Ah well, I'll fix the one at home and burn another one. ^_^ No big problem there!!! *smiles*

I bought a second set of headphones today. Cheap ones though. So I won't keep forgetting my good ones all over the place. A computer pair and a travelling pair. ^_^ I'll want these next year anyhow, I doubt anyone'll share my taste in music. :)

I don't have much work to show for today....a lot of these companies don't have web sites, or took me a long time to dig up....... *L* Ah well. I came in early. That'll make me look good. (:

I would have a site link here, but I don't think I can remember it correctly, so I'll post it tomorrow. (:

Fruit is a lot better than I remembered. It's been a while since I had some good fruit. The nectarene this morning was wonderful! And the blackberries were great this year......

Anyways, that's enough random thoughts from me. I think I get to go home soon........I'm not really sure though.......

I forgot how much fun being tired could be.......*L*

Not only could I not sleep last night, but I found out my little brother had swimming lessons when I was woken up about an hour early so he could get to swim class.....
1/2 an hour EARLY for work........*sighs* Ah well, bed will feel good tonight!

And there's no way I'm missing a movie, or riding, just cause my eyes feel funny! ^_^

Have a great long weekend everyone!
I hope yours is fun filled &/or relaxing!

Sometimes, I feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear.
And I can't help but ask myself
how much I'll let the fear take the wheel and steer.
It's driven me before,
and it seems to have a vague,
haunting mass appeal.
But lately I am beginning to find
that I should be the one behind the wheel.
-Incubus "Drive"

Thursday, August 02, 2001

I can't wait to test out my's all hooked up and ready to go now. I just need time, and the energy to get on there and search up all the good songs. Yes, I was that tired. *L*

I'll never complain that the machines didn't seem to be working my shoulders ever again. Ever. I need a massage........

What's new here? Just killing time until lunch. :) I can't believe it's already Thursday! I love Thursdays! I don't have to pay for breakfast! Got some work done before hand too. Very impressive.

It's funny, I work much harder with my supervisor gone. Working at my own pace is actually multiple times faster than when she's here to require reports and run downs and that overall looking over my shoulder feeling is gone. *sighs* In that respect, it's sad that it's already the end of the week.

Meetings, reports and overall supervisory behaviour seem to just waste my prescious hours and slow down the creative process. Constantly disrupting employees may allow them to keep track of our every move, but overall, makes us less motivated, less interested, more bored, annoyed, jumpy, angry, and overall less caring about our work. They demand that you be self motivated, yet want to dictate every step and thought that you have......*grumble* (Can you tell I've enjoyed my weeks of freedom?) I think we should be given a job, and a deadline and left to it. ^_^ We know what makes us most productive........

By the way, we've got a house now! So it's official. My family moves the end of this month. Crazyness. I should already be moved out by that time......(:

Apparently there's a dinner for a friend this Friday. I don't think I have any way of getting there on Friday, but maybe I can swing by when I go up on Monday. I can't afford 4 train tickets. That's too bad. I'd love to go wish her a happy birthday.....I've got a card and everything! *L* I just can't find her home mailing address, perhaps I won't need it! *L* I can drop it off on Monday! Change of plans, I'm heading up to visit Jamie and his family for the day. ^_^

Well it's 3 am i'm out here ridin again
through the wicked, winding streets of my world
i make a wrong turn, break it
now i'm too far gone
i got a siren on my tail
and that ain't the fine i'm lookin for
i see a stairway so i follow it down
into the belly of a whale where my secrets echo all around
you know me now but to do better than that
you got to follow me
boy i'm tryin to show you where i'm at
hey pretty don't you wanna take a ride with me
through my world
-Hey Pretty, sung by Poe