Sunday, January 13, 2002

Hey again!

Well back again, though rather briefly. (: Sorry about the lack of updates lately but believe it or not, I've been busy, already! Already I feel like I'm behind in my readings. A week into school, yeesh!

Things are going well with Dave. ^_^ He's such a sweetie, brought me a rose on Friday, just because....... *GRIN*

Fencing is a BLAST! I can't stop going. I go three times a week now, it would be four if not for my night class. (:

I finally officially rearranged my classes on Friday, so that's all taken care of, just need a few more books and I'm set for schooling. I've actually spent hours reading this creepy is that? Staying ahead of my readings (:

Anyhow, my life's a little boring these days, from a blogging perspective, classes, reading, baking (yup, cookies and brownies this week, and a really neat Italian chicken dinner next week!), Dave, and of course the all imporant fencing. (:

The only really funny story, is that my friend Melissa was convinced my boyfriend was some sort of felon. You see they ran into each other on campus the other day and were having a nice little chat when security approached poor Dave and took him aside. This scared Melissa, who made a speedy exit (Admittedly, there wasn't much she could do). She later called to warn/ask me about all of this, but I heard the whole story from Dave at fencing.

Apparently, our rubber tipped practice foils are weapons, and security didn't belleive he belonged to the fencing team. Apparently, it happens all the time, security stopping varsity fencing kids if they can see their swords, but only really the boys..... *shurg* I'm not sure if I should feel insulted. I guess they don't think us girls look threatening enough. They obviously haven't fenced them! Yeesh. (: The buses apparently kick kids off too if they find out that it's fencing equipment in their bag and not hockey gear. Rubber tipped bendy pieces of metal are a little less scary than a hockey stick I would have thought..... Unless you know how to use it ^_~

Anyhow, have a great night guys! Cya!

What I am doing today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it.
-Unknown (submitted by blacat)